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Revoking Illegitimate Corporate Power

Citizen Works www.citizenworks.org
Provides an “toolbox” of techniques and information for activists and community organizers

The Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund celdf.org
has a many outstanding resources including model legislation and a citizen's guide to researching corporations

Program on Corporations, Law and Democracy poclad.org
POCLAD is a long-time leader in rethinking the role of corporations and the meaning of democracy.

The New Rules Project newrules.org
contends that corporatization is not an inevitable trend, but results from rules designed to centralize wealth and power in corporate hands. Offers dozens of models for rules encouraging community empowerment and decentralization.

Women's International League for Peace and Freedom wilpf.org
WILPF produces a superb study guide, "Challenging Corporate Power, Asserting the People's Rights," available free (pdf) online.

The Aurora Institute aurora.ca
educates and organizes on corporate power issues in Canada, whose corporate legal history has closely matched that of the U.S.

The Alliance for Democracy thealliancefordemocracy.org
has local groups around the country focused on confronting corporate power. See if there's an active group near you.

Community Economics & Business

American Independent Business Alliance (AMIBA) amiba.net
Communities don't have to sit by and watch chains displace local independent businesses. They can work proactively to maintain community-owned businesses through IBAs.

Rocky Mountain Institute's Economic Renewal Program rmi.org
promotes community development without rampant growth or corporate dependence

Business Alliance for Local Living Economies click here
aims to create and strengthen local networks committed to building sustainable and inclusive living economies and promoting socially responsible business practices.

New Rules Project NewRules.org
(see above) is a great research resource in this realm. See "Retail" section

Political Reform

National Voting Rights Initiative nvri.org
defends the constitutional rights of all citizens, regardless of economic status, to participate in the electoral process on an equal and meaningful basis.

Center for Voting & Democracy fairvote.org
offers a huge array of information on several electoral reform issues and is the definitive resource on Instant Runoff Voting

Brennan Center for Justice brennancenter.org
provides detailed information on legal issues in campaign reform, civil rights and poverty issues within the legal system

Ballot Access News ballot-access.org
offers a wealth of resources on issues relating to opportunities (and barriers) for independent and third party candidates and for citizen initiatives. They track news from each state as well as nationally.

Common Cause commoncause.org
offers information on the corruption of democracy (focusing on the power of money) and solutions for more democratic elections

Center for Responsive Politics opensecrets.org
is a tremendous resource for information on money in politics and campaign finance law

The Sentencing Project sentencingproject.org
confronts harms of the corporate criminal justice industry, racial injustice in the system, disenfranchisement and more

Public Campaign publicampaign.org
is devoted to implementing publicly financed elections around the U.S.

Fannie Lou Hamer Project flhp.org
focuses on campaign finance reform as a civil rights issue

Initiative & Referendum Institute ballotwatch.org
the premier source of information on Initiative & Referendum topics

National Initiative for Democracy ni4d.org
promotes direct democracy via ballot initiatives. Also vote.org


Rethinking Schools rethinkingschools.org
a journal committed to the vision that public education is central to democracy. While writing for a broad audience, RS emphasizes problems facing urban schools, particularly issues of race.

Alfie Kohn's website AlfieKohn.org
offers important perspectives on the dangers of high stakes tests, commercialism and many crucial education issues. Kohn challenges much conventional wisdom in a provocative and engaging way.

Consumers' Union consumersunion.org/other/captivekids/index.htm
an in-depth look at corporate influence in education and some recommended actions

Health, Food & Environment

Rachel's Environment and Health Weekly rachel.org
transcends surface analysis of environmental problems to address the roots in corporate power and the decay of democracy. Their newsletter is essential reading and has the full archives in both English and Spanish.

Family Farmer familyfarmer.org
an advocacy organization for family ownership and environmentally sound agriculture

Cancer Prevention Coalition preventcancer.org
challenges the dominance of the "find a cure" perspective and encourages focusing energy on stopping production of carcinogens

Native Forest Council forestcouncil.org
recognizes revoking corporate power as essential to preserving our National Forests and other public lands

Wild Wilderness WildWilderness.org
works to keep public lands public and undeveloped, with a focus on stopping corporatization of those lands threatened by the Fee-Demo program

Civil Rights

The Constitution Society constitution.org
This phenomenal resource has thousands of fascinating documents, books (entire books online) and more. The information source on the Constitution.

National Lawyers Guild nlg.org
this progressive law association has assisted notable legal efforts to challenge corporate power.


AFL-CIO aflcio.org
the site of this 13 million-member union is a wide-ranging and useful resource

American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees afscme.org has extensive information on privatization issues

Center for Economic and Policy Research cepr.net
a great resource on economic and trade issues

Center for Labor & Community Research clcr.org
addresses worker ownership and many "alternative" models of economic development

The Shared Capitalism Institute SharedCapitalism.org
works for more equitable and sustainable enterprise.

Labor Notes LaborNet.org
"Online communication for a democratic, independent labor movement"

Global Trade & Treaties

Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch tradewatch.org
a great resource for staying abreast of U.S. legislation relating to global corporatization

Global Exchange globalexchange.org working towards global economic justice, lots of good campaigns

Economic Policy Institute epinet.org their trade & globalization page has excellent background

Council of Canadians Canadians.org tracks global corporatization and other public interest issues

Resource Center of the Americas americas.org focuses on Central & South American issues

The Third World Network twnside.org.sg has one of the world's most extensive resource collections on globalization

Researching Corporations

Public Information Network endgame.org
provides a wealth of resources on corporate history, a clearinghouse of information for researching corporations, and more

Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund celdf.org
has a many outstanding resources including model legislation and a citizen's guide to researching corporations

Corpwatch corpwatch.org

Independent News on the Web

Common Dreams commondreams.org
a daily online collection of opinion, news and leaks from a progressive perspective

World Net Daily worldnetdaily.com
offers a variety of daily articles from a conservative perspective

Indy Media indymedia.org
a unique network of news sites in over 30 countries and eighty cities where any individual can post news, opinion pieces, photos and more, a great source for coverage of mass protests and direct actions.

BlackElectorate.com blackelectorate.com
No site we've seen collects such ideologically diverse news and opinion stories from both mass media and independent sources on a daily basis.

Undernews prorev.com
a vast, informative news and opinion site from author Sam Smith

Media Channel mediachannel.org
an extensive network of independent media outlets around the globe

Media Reform Information Center www.corporations.org/media
has a huge array of useful links to about media consolidation and democratic media movements

Independent Business Supporting Our Work

Daniel Will-Harris will-harris.com
Daniel’s a writer/designer in Point Reyes, California. He creates corporate IDs and brand identities, web sites, packaging for individuals around the world (and, in the past, gasp, corporations including Microsoft, Xerox, Hewlett-Packard, and major publishing companies owned by huge faceless multinationals). 

His web site was one of the first 5,000 on the web and offers useful and entertaining content on topics ranging from graphic design to married life. He created the popular site eFuse.com which helps small businesses learn to build better web sites.

His SchmoozeLetter e-mail newsletter offers an entertaining story, twice a month. Some of the stories have been collected into his new book My Wife & Times which he published and sells directly (so buying his book is not supporting any multinational corporation).

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