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INTRODUCTION (sample chapters in HTML format)

one: How did Corporations get so much Power?

In which the author reads a poll, feels provoked and befuddled, and organizes his investigation

two: From Street Fight to Empire

The British roots of the American corporation (1267-1773)

three: The Ultimate Reality Show

The brutal history of the Virginia Company (1607-1624)

four: Why the Colonists Feared Corporations…

In which the citizens of Boston demonstrate the use of the hatchet as an anti-monopoly device (1607-1773)

five ...And What They Did About It

How the framers of the American political system restrained corporate power (1787–1850)

six: The Genuis

The man who reinvented the corporation (1850–1880)

seven: Super Powers

The corporation acquires nine powerful attributes (1860-1900)

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eight: The Judge

Stephen Field and the politics of personhood (18681885)

nine: The Court Reporter

Who really decided the Supreme Court’s most important corporate case?(1886)

ten: The Lavender-Vested Turkey Gobbler

How a “majestic, super-eminent” lawyer deceived
the Supreme Court (1883)

eleven: Survival of the Fittest

How the Supreme Court used the Fourteenth Amendment to advance a Social Darwinist agenda, and how “people power” toppled that agenda

twelve: the Revolt of the Bosses

The new mobilization of corporate political power (1971-2003)

thirteen: Speech=Money

Using the First Amendment to block campaign
finance reform

fourteen: Judicial Yoga

The tangled logic of corporate rights

fifteen: Crime Wave

The roots of the scandals of 2002

sixteen: Global Rule

How international trade agreements are creating new corporate rights

seventeen: Fighting Back

A movement emerges to challenge corporate

eighteen: Intelligent, Amoral, Evolving

The hazards of persistent, dynamic entities



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